Side Tippers

Tristar side tippers are positioned highly throughout the industry due to their reliability, durability and stability, as well as the cost saving benefits achieved through its revolutionary side tipping action. The side tippers allow more trips per day with quick, clean discharge while on the move. Side door design helps prevent the load from spilling underneath trailers, reducing potential damage to tyres. 

They can be found in central and north Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, including the Pilbara and Kalgoorlie regions, regional and metropolitan areas of Victoria, NSW, SA and overseas.


If you intend to pull more than one trailer, the most common way is using a dolly. And the dollies must be as sturdy and well–made as the trailers in order to withstand much of the same conditions. Tristar manufactures both tandem (bogey) dollies and tri–axle dollies to suit the requirements of the customer.

Water / Fuel Tankers

The need to cope with these same rough conditions has bought water and fuel tank customers to Tristar Industries. "Many of our tanker customers have tried lighter materials, but they realise there is a tradeoff between maximizing your payload and having equipment which resists fatigue cracks. Fatigue cracks can be welded but the downtime and loss of productivity is what clients don't want" – Frank Spiegel

Stock Crates

The new innovative Double Decker Stock Crate is a practical design set for all uses.  Fabricated from aluminium or steel frame, Front, rear and side loading gates and ramps where needed.

Specialised Equipment

A side tipper is not always going to be what you need in a given situation, which is why Tristar also build Bowl Tippers, End Tippers, Belly Dumpers, Low Loaders, Drop decks and much more.

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